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"I see bright future for Karachi because all the problems would be solved, InshAllah. Instead of providing temporary solutions that lasts for short period of time, we are concentrating on permanent ones.  New development activities are commencing in the city and we are going to build up Karachi of future". 
Syed Mustafa Kamal   


"To develop Karachi as modern and developed city in the world and bring ease in the life of a common man."



Karachi being one of the major ports of South Asia and main base on air route between Europe, South East Asia and Australia, has become a leading industrial, commercial and financial hub of Pakistan. With an increasing growth rate of 6-7 percent per annum as against the National population growth on 3% per annum Karachi is today a City of more than 15 million inhabitants. This coupled with rapid metropolitan growth and urbanization have intensified the civic services.

The CDGK which came into being replacing the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation with a wider span of obligations due to the devolution of various departments from the Provincial Government to the City District Government and merger of various civic agencies like KDA, KW&SB, LDA, MDA etc. is determined to enforce good governance, effective delivery of services and transparent decision making through institutionalized participation of people at grass root level. Emphasis has been made in the annual policies and programes for the development and improvement of environmental conditions of the city for the betterment of general public.

To achieve the targets of development and improvement set in various fields and to translate the policies into action, in order to provide maximum services to the people, exerted efforts are required. The role of Information Technology in the modern world has been explored as an important factor in harnessing the objectives. The present City District Government has firmed to computerize the activities and affairs of all its departments as early as possible. To begin with a Computerized Public Complaint Centre through toll free phone is being established where the complaints relating to CDGK lodged by the general public on telephone will immediately be passed on to the respective quarters and processed for prompt action. It will on the one hand save time and botheration of the complainant and on the other hand shall be routed expeditiously for redressal. Besides the facility shall also be available through the CDGK’s Web Site.
I hope and pray the Almighty Allah to strengthen our hands to serve the public and to improve their quality of life. Amin.

Syed Mustafa Kamal

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