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Kolachi To Karachi

Karachi began as a small fisherman village and emerged to become the largest city of Pakistan with a population of 9.2 Million, boasting the largest inland citizen migration in the sub-continent.

In February 1843 Sindh was captured by the British Army under the command of Sir Charles Napier.

In 1846 when the city only comprised about 9,000 citizens a Cholera epidemic spread and to combat this infectious disease a Conservancy Board was established in the city.

In 1852 this Conservancy Board was changed into a Municipal Commission.

In 1853 KMC was upgraded and made a Municipal Committee.

In 1878 the Bombay District Municipal Act 1837 was extended to Sindh and included the urban area of Karachi. The Municipality levied for the first time House Tax on Property owners, setting an example to other cities in the sub-continent. This paved the way for the beginning of District Taxation in the field of Local Government and Finance.

In 1927 the structure and foundation of the present building was laid and the building completed in January 1932 in the presence of citizens of Karachi.

In 1933 City of Karachi Municipal Act was promulgated. The Municipality of Karachi was given the status of Municipal Corporation and the position of President / Vice President were replaced by Mayor / Dy. Mayor respectively. The Corporation consisted of 57 Councilors from amongst different communities of Muslim, Hindu and Parsi, residing in Karachi.

Mr. Jamshed Naserwanji was elected the first Mayor of the city in 1933. He had earlier served as elected President for about 20 years.

In 1947 Pakistan was declared  a separate state and Karachi was designated as the Capital of Pakistan. Hakim Ehsan being the Mayor received Quaid-e-Azam at Karachi Airport.

In 1976  Karachi Municipal Corporation was upgraded to Metropolitan Corporation.

In 1987 Zonal Municipal Committee were created in Karachi.

In 1994 the zonal committee were again merged in KMC.

In 1996 Five District Municipal Corporations ( D.M.C.) were created

On 14th August 2001 under to Devolution Plan City  District Government Karachi came into being with 18 Town Administration and 178 Union Councils.


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