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Table 2.1:      Occupancy Status of New Housing Schemes Download
Table 3.1:      Survey of current Conditions  Download
Table 4.1:      Year 2020 Population Targets and Growth Strategies  Download
Table 4.2:      Proposed Land use Types  Download
Table 4.3:      Reservation/Allocation of Government and other 
                    Land (CDGK Projects)
Table 4.4:      Reservation/Allocation of Government Land 
                    (CDGK Projects)
Table 4.5:      Water Demand Projections, 2005-2020  Download
Table 4.6:      Water Supply Capital Improvements  Download
Table 4.7:      Benchmarks for Water Supply System Performance,
Table 4.8:      Sewerage Capital Improvements  Download
Table 4.9:      Expected Growth in Peak Demand  Download
Table 4.10:    Estimated Maximum Demand (2011-2015)  Download
Table 4.11:    Estimated Maximum Demand (2015-2020) Download
Table 4.13:    Proposed Education Facilities  Download
Table 4.14:    Estimated Recreational Facilities at Metropolitan Level  Download
Table 5.1:      Revenue Sources for CDGK, 2002/03 to 2005/06  Download
Table 5.2:      Existing Sources of Revenue for Local Governments  Download
Table 5.3:      Capital Funding Sources by Sector  Download
Table 5.4:      Summary: Key priorities for action  Download

Table 6.1:      Preparation and Approval of Urban Development 

Table 6.2:      Area Included in Development Zone  Download

Figure  1.1:    Karachi City District Jurisdiction Download
Figure  1.2:    Land Control in Karachi  Download
Figure  2.1:    Karachi Urban Sprawl  Download
Figure  2.2:    Karachi Existing Landuse-2005  Download
Figure  2.3:    Location of Katchi Abadis                 Download
Figure  2.4:    Location of Housing Schemes                  Download
Figure  2.5:    Existing Road Network  Download
Figure  2.6:    Exisiting Water Supply Network  Download
Figure  2.7:    Location of Existing Wastewater Treatment             
Figure   2.8:    Existing LandFill Sites  Download
Figure   2.9:    Storm Water Drainage System  Download
Figure   2.10:  KESC Existing Network  Download
Figure   4.1:    Proposed Landuse Plan  Download
Figure   4.2:    Spatial Growth Strategy  Download
Figure   4.3:    Villages & Goths in Karachi  Download
Figure   4.4:    Proposed Landuse Category  Download
Figure   4.5:    Karachi Vacant Housing Scheme  Download
Figure   4.6:    Mass Transit Corridors Identified in 1990  Download
Figure   4.7:    Proposed Highway Network  Download

Figure   4.8:    Proposed Ring Roads                    

Figure   4.9:    Transportation Improvements in the CBD  Download
Figure   4.10:   Proposed Water Reservoirs  Download
Figure   4.11:   Proposed Sewage Treatment Plants  Download
Figure   4.12:   Proposed Garbage Transfer Stations  Download


Annexure:-  I       Main Finding & Assessments Download
Annexure:-  II      Abbreviation used in KSDP-2020 Download
Annexure:-  III     Reports Prepared Download
Annexure:-  IV      Bibliography Download
Annexure:-  V       Acknowledgement Download
Annexure:-  VI      City Council Resolutions (Approving KSDP-2020) Download
Annexure:-  VII    City Council Resolutions (Details of
Annexure:-  VIII   Maps Download


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