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Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal initiated development projects

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01  Jul  2009


01 Jun 2009

City Nazim visit saddar parking plaza

01 Jun 2009

City Govt. starts work on 3 pedestrian bridges at preedy street.

21 May 2009

City Nazim presides over meeting to review development works.

14 Apr 2009


City Govt. completes 40 percent work on banaras chowk flyover.

23 Feb 2009

Nazim Karachi issued directives for acceleration in lying of water supply lines in jamshed town.

03 Feb 2009

Call agent training provides assurance for better future. governor sindh

26 Jan 2009


City Govt. completes all arrangements for establishment of public school in gadap.

25 Jan 2009


New roads provide easy and direct access to highway. City Nazim

24 Jan 2009

City Nazim issued directives for completion of malir river bridge.

22 Jan 2009

First parking plaza in saddar to start within a month.

22 Jan 2009

City Govt. initiates development works worth rs.4859 million in rural areas.

21 Jan 2009

Nazim Karachi lays foundation stone of 9 projects in gadap.

15 Jan 2009

City Nazim issue directive for completion of Korangi crossing road in two months.

12 Jan 2009


City Govt. issue tenders for construction of pedestrian bridges.

12 Jan 2009

Parking plaza in saddar to complete next month.

09 Jan 2009

City Govt. plan more flyovers and u turns at sharae faisal.

07 Jan 2009

Command & Control System will secure the lives and properties of citizens .nazim karachi

05 Jan 2009

City Govt. to complete 2nd phase of command &control system in next 2 months

02 Jan 2009

City Govt. links M.A Jinnah road with command & control system.

26 Dec 2008

All constructions must be under master plan. nazim Karachi

07 Dec 2008

Avoiding Master Plan Will Increase Problems. Warns Nazim Karachi.

01 Dec 2008

City Govt. Sanction Rs100 Million For Pedestrian Bridges.

12 Nov 2008

Action Against Illegal Road Cutting.

24 Oct 2008

City Govt. To Start Work On Central Grid Of Paf Flyover From Saturday.

07 Oct 2008

Nazim Karachi Inspects Final Preparations At Corridor-II.

07 Oct 2008

City Govt. To Deal Strictly With Traffic Violations At Corridor-II.

04 Oct 2008

City Govt. To Inaugurate Signal Free Corridor-Ii Within A Week

11 Sep 2008

City Govt. To Construct 2 Flyovers And An Elevated U Turn At Signal Free Corridor-III.

05 Sep 2008

Remaining Loop Of Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Opens For Traffic.

16 Aug 2008

City Nazim Issue Directives For Immediate Completion Of Water And Sewerage Works.

08 Aug 2008

Final Carpeting Of University Road To Complete In Few Days.

01 Aug 2008

Governor Sindh Calls Nagan Chowrangi Flyover Impressive.

21 Jul 2008

City Govt. To Install Latest Traffic Regulatory System At Signal Free Corridor-II.

17 Jun 2008

Gulshan Chowrangi Flyover To Open For Traffic Next Month.

08 Jun 2008

Demolition Of Encroachments Continues For 3100 Road.

08 Jun 2008

Master Plan Protects The Interests Of Urban And Rural Population.

08 Jun 2008

I.TTower Project Will Complete In 2 Years. City Nazim

07 Jun 2008

City Govt. To Complete Signal Free Corridor-Iii Within 6 Months.

02 Jun 2008

City Govt. Begin Construction Of 3100 Road In New Karachi.

23 May 2008

New Roads And Flyovers Provide Considerable Relief To Citizens.

17 May 2008

Senate Standing Committee On Environment Direct City Govt. To Speed Up Work On S-Iii Project.

13 Apr 2008

Nazim Karachi Lays Foundation Stone Of 9 Mega Projects In Orangi And Site.

03 Apr 2008

City Nazim Issue Directive For Completion Of All Ongoing Projects Within 15 Days.

31 Mar 2008

Nazim Karachi Announce To Construct 5000 Road In Surjani.

30 Mar 2008

City Govt. Initiates Over Rs.01 Billion Worth Projects In New Karachi.

11 Mar 2008

Construction Of Flyover At Sharae Faisal To Begin In 15 Days.

29 Feb 2008

City Govt. Begin Work On Modern Pedestrian Bridges, Bus Stops.

17 Feb 2008

Governor, City Nazim Opens 4 More Projects For Public.

04 Jan 2008:

City’s Katchi Abadies Gets 5 Cardiac Cure Centers.

03 Jan 2008

Karachi’s Rural Areas Gets Rs.910 Million Health Care Projects.

01 Jan 2008

City Govt. Initiates Over Rs.55 Billion Projects Under City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal.

26 Dec 2007

Nazim Karachi Assign Powers To Iqcd For Quality And Timely Work.

17 Dec 2007

BaldiaTown To Get 6mgd Water Supply In 25 Days.

16 Dec 2007

City Nazim Lays Foundation Stone Of New 48 Km Road As Life Line To 34 Karachi Goths.

14 Dec 2007

90 Percent Of Water And Sewerage Works Completed. City Nazim

11 Dec 2007

City Govt. Alters Design Of Banaras Chowk Flyover To Save 450 Homes.

10 Dec 2007

City Govt. To Construct Multistory ParkingPlaza For Rickshaws In Patel Para.

09 Dec 2007

Hawksbay Areas To Get New Alternate Road In 18 Months.

08 Dec 2007

City Nazim Inaugurates FamilyPark In N. Nazimabad.

07 Dec 2007

City Nazim Inaugurates PilotProjectSchool In Landhi.

06 Dec 2007

LandhiTown Gets 3 More Projects Of Water And Sewerage.

05 Dec 2007

City Govt. Developed Blocked Roads Into Quality Thoroughfares.

05 Dec 2007

City Govt. To Complete Water & Sewerage Works In Landhi Industrial Area By 31st December.

04 Dec 2007

Work On Signal Free Corridor-Iii To Begin In April 2008.

04 Dec 2007

Construction Of Road Begin In Scheme-33 Gulshan-E-Iqbal.

03 Dec 2007

Work On 5mgd Desalination Plant At Hawksbay To Start Next Year.

03 Dec 2007

Many Mega Projects Will Be Completed This Month. City Nazim

01 Dec 2007

City Nazim Announce Another Rs.200 Million Water Supply Project For Manzoor Colony.

30 Nov 2007

City Nazim Karachi Lays Foundation Stone For 3 Mega Projects In Shah Faisal Colony.

29 Nov 2007

Nazim Karachi Laid Foundation Stone Of 4 Mega Projects.

28 Nov 2007

Construction Of I.TTower To Begin In Few Weeks. City Nazim

23 Nov 2007

City Nazim Warns Housing Societies To Begin Work Or Face Cancellation Of Allotment.

22 Nov 2007

City Nazim Welcomes Adoption Of School In Korangi By Ebm.

22 Nov 2007

Signal Free Corridor-Ii To Extend Up To Surjani Chowrangi.

21 Nov 2007

Rs.120 Million Korangi Projects To Complete In 6 Months.

20 Nov 2007

OrangiTown To Get Additional 6mgd Water Within 15 Days.

18 Nov 2007

City Govt. Revives Suspended Projects In Scheme 33. City Nazim Karachi

15 Nov 2007

Work On Lines Area Redevelopment Project Kicked Off Today

10 Nov 2007

Allotment Work For 9000 Plots In Hawkesbay Scheme 42 To Begin From Monday

10 Nov 2007

City Govt. To Provide 10 Buses Annually To KarachiUniversity.

09 Nov 2007

Signal Free Corridor-Ii To Open For Traffic By 31st December.

07 Nov 2007

Dubai Firm To Invest In Transport Infrastructure Sector In Karachi

































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